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Brief guide about the surrogacy

If you are considering surrogacy then spend some quality time on research and the needed information that prepares you for the experience. Consultation for surrogacy is a vital part for every couple because there are so many processes involved in the

Surrogacy: an option for working women these days

For both, surrogacy In India is a journey of trust with the deep reward. These days women became more concerned about their career, and fitness. Being pregnant can ruin their lifestyle, and body so they feel more comfortable to opt surrogacy. These w

Surrogacy in India: facts and where you can get it done

In India when Narendra Modi was making the campaign “Make in India”. At that time Narendra Modi had an idea about surrogacy in mind. In India, there are about 20 to 25 million estimated couples who are infertile. Most of them have taken advan

Compete your parenthood with gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is the most common type of surrogacy these days. In this type of surrogacy, the child carried by the surrogate is not related to her. This surrogacy involves the in-vitro fertilization through the eggs of the intended mother. Al


It is believed that, after ovulation, the total egg count is the main indicator of the fertility of women. However, where the total egg count is apart but the true indicator is the egg quality, and the rejection in the quality of the egg is natural,

Surrogate Mother, Surrogate, and Gestational Carrier: Which Term is Correct ?

Motherhood is a beautiful journey for a woman. Carrying a baby inside is a feeling which is incomparable for a woman. But complications in the human body may not be favorable to give this pleasure to every woman. Hence the married couples often think

IVF or Adoption: how to choose?

The diagnosis of infertility sounds like an insurmountable roadblock. When you are more intended towards having a baby, then this diagnosis can disturb your inner peace. But still, you need to find out a way to get through this, with other options. W

Better sleep of pregnant mom, a better life to the unborn

The human body needs restful sleep whether you’re pregnant or not. During the sleep, body rejuvenates its functions, and it is necessary to clean the trash and junk files from the brain. All your neurological junk is wiped out during the sleep and

How to find a Surrogacy Agency

There are sufficient surrogacy agencies but to find the best for you, it a quite difficult task. Get answers to all these questions before you make a decision. Once you decide your journey with the surrogacy agencies the next thing is to figure out t

Surrogacy Requirements: why is BMI Important?

Body mass index (BMI) is the world’s leading tool that is used to measure obesity and underweight. Scientifically it is calculated by diving the weight (Kg) by the height (meters squared) relationship of two important factors of the body is determi

Planning out your family with the help of surrogacy

Planning out your family with the help of surrogacy is a quite daunting task and the intended parents need to go through a lot of dilemma and anxiety in order to get the right planning