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Surrogacy Requirements: why is BMI Important?

SurrogacyBody mass index (BMI) is the world’s leading tool that is used to measure obesity and underweight. Scientifically it is calculated by diving the weight (Kg) by the height (meters squared) relationship of two important factors of the body is determined through the BMI that is height and weight. Surrogacy is evolving these days and becoming the boon for those women who cannot get pregnant. In surrogacy, it is achieved by the external carrier women to give birth, both in the traditional surrogacy and in the gestational surrogacy. But choosing the right surrogate mother is not that easy before she will be chosen as a surrogate mother; her body has to fulfill the health criteria. She may have to pass through the medical screenings, psychological screenings so that difficulties can be ruled out before the pregnancy. 

In the case of high BMI

 BMI around 35 and more than this is not a good sign for surrogate mothers. The healthy body is the necessary part of pregnancy, too much or too low both are harmful. If the BMI is high, the women are prone is to develop Gestational Diabetes. Even the risk of gestational diabetes is a normal issue but the chances are three times high in women with high BMI. An obese woman has very fewer chances of getting pregnant, and she may suffer from the infertility. On the other hand, overweight women have a very rough time during the labor or increase the chances for C- section. Along with diabetes, blood pressure is also connected with the overweight, in pregnancy, it is called Preeclampsia and in the 20th week of the pregnancy, the symptoms start appearing. This disease can be fatal to the unborn because it affects the mother’s kidney or liver and as a result affects the blood supply to the fetus through the placenta.


In the case of low BMI

Underweight also interfere with the pregnancy, as underweight women, can take a longer time to get pregnant. Even menstrual cycles of the underweight women are also disturbed, and there are chances of premature birth. Low BMI indicates that the body has a deficiency of nutrients; either body is not absorbing the nutrients properly. This can affect the health of the mother and baby.

Tips for maintaining a normal BMI

However ill-maintained BMI can affect the fertility but it can be maintained with life modifications;

  • Exercise of 30 minutes daily along with the diet manipulations.
  • With the help of exercise mental health can be restored along with physical health.
  • Increasing physical activities can favor labor and maintain the overall fitness of the body.
  • Surrogates need to balance the diet, with the balance amount of nutrients by excluding frozen food, alcohol, cigarettes or any kind of toxin.
  • The diet should be filled with fruits, nuts, dairy products, and whole grains they will ensure a safe pregnancy with good health.

Normal BMI is an important factor, for mothers and surrogates, and this also works as an important health indicator.

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