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Egg Donor process in Sure IVF

Even though IVF has established as one of the most successful treatments for most of the infertility issues around, there are many female partners around which often opt for Egg Donation services simply because of their Career aspirations, packed lifestyles and other reason to delay their respective pregnancies. Moreover, when it comes to searching for an egg donor, most of the people think of going ahead for an Egg donor on their own but it’s still always been recommended to get in touch with a surrogacy agency as they will take care of all the required agreements and implications between the Egg donors and the Intended parents.

Why Egg donation services are required?


Egg donation services comes as a relevant aspect for a number of women who are going through issues like-

  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve
  • Premature menopause
  • A Medical condition where the Intended parents coming along with an inherited Health issue and don’t really want to carry the same forward to their future generations
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Moreover, when we talk about the whole process of looking for an egg donor, it can be quoted as quite extensive and the Egg donor along with the female partner has to go through a number of medical Diagnosis and tests. While the whole motive to make the Female partner go through the tests is to make sure that the person is capable enough to carry on with the pregnancy process. Additionally, the egg donor is required to be screened and evaluated in order to ascertain her capabilities of donating the eggs.

On the other side, Medical and professional counseling has come up as a big support for all the couples who have looked down for an egg donor.

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    Finding an egg donor doesn’t come as a handy job hand. Being a couple, you either have to place an advertisement or look for one around you. Here at SureIVF, we not only provide you with the best egg donor services, but the profiles we have in our records is extensively screened and evaluated for any type of mental or physical health issues. We make the Egg donor profiles go through a series of diagnosis and test in order to ascertain the quality of the eggs they will be donating further. Our egg donor search process is quite extensive and we allow only the best qualitative egg donors to get on board after letting them pass through the qualification test and personal interview. Moreover, they must complete the following criterion before getting on board with us.

    • 21-28 years of age
    • Having regular monthly periods
    • Must not be coming along with any type of reproductive disorders or abnormalities
    • Must be healthy both physically and mentally
    • BMI must be under 28
    • Must be a Non-smoker and Non-drug user
    • Shall not be on a Depo-Provera shot currently
    • Must not be having an Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant
    • Must be willing to go through a medical and psychological evaluation
    • Willing to intake injectable medication
    • Must be willing to wait till the 6 months period