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Surrogacy in Cambodia

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Surrogacy may sound like a normal process to few, but there are numerous couples around the world, which have been blessed with the ‘happiness of their lives’ with the help of surrogacy in the past few years .Although there have been instances where the couples have still opted for an IVF treatment to fight with their infertility issues, the low success rates in IVF treatments has brought them towards surrogacy in recent times.

Sure IVF has been the most trusted Fertility treatment and Third-party Reproductive healthcare consultant providing specialized services in international IVF, egg donations, and surrogacy arrangements.

Cambodian Laws regarding surrogacy


Surrogacy in Cambodia is banned as per the advisory released by the ministry of health & justice on November 2016 and all of the medical agencies and government authorities have been stated to follow the same guidelines with all the dedication. Although the statement exempts all the ART and infertility treatments from the verdict, surrogacy has been completely prohibited in the same process.

What are the alternatives for Surrogacy in Cambodia?


If you are a couple who is looking for a trusted and affordable surrogacy program in Cambodia, you may need to look forward to other countries like Kenya and Ukraine which have favorable policies and medical facilities in the country to facilitate the surrogacy programs in the best manner possible.


Surrogacy in Kenya: Kenya has emerged as an attractive surrogacy hub for a lot of International parents due to its cheaper costs and advanced medical facilities. If we talk about the cost of “self eggs or Caucasian / African Donor Surrogacy program”, it would come around at an approx of $45,000. Moreover, if you can’t visit the country due to any given reason, you can also come along with an option of sending frozen sperms or embryos prior to your visit.

Apart from that, Kenya also offers a Multiple Embryo Transfer Guaranteed Surrogacy program in Kenya.


Surrogacy in Ukraine: Ukraine comes as one of the fewest countries around the world where surrogacy is fully permissible along with the use of ART services and even egg donation options. Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine states that the future child born out of assisted reproductive technologies would belong to the Intended Parents and the baby’s birth certificate would be mentioning their name as well. On the other side, the overall cost of surrogacy with Caucasian ED is around $42,000 and only married “heterosexual” couples are allowed to pursue surrogacy in the country.

Why Sure IVF is the best for your surrogacy dreams?


It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for a surrogacy program in countries like Cambodia, Kenya or Ukraine; we at Sure IVF are always there for you to bring on the best of surrogacy, IVF and egg donor programs for your specific need. To ensure the same goes in a smooth manner, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies within these countries. So relax and simply call our customer support team today for a free consultation!

Over the past few years, we have helped more than 500 couples from all around the world in making them meet with their dreams of having a child in their lives.