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Surrogacy in Kenya

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In the past few years, Kenya has emerged as one of the most preferred surrogacy hubs for most of the International couples around. Not only the cost of surrogacy is quite low in the country, the legal implication and medical facilities are also supportive and helpful for the couples who are looking for a feasible surrogacy program in the country. On the other side, even the Kenyan law confirms that every person in the country is allowed to pursue surrogacy within the social and moral ethics of the country.

Surrogacy law and cost in Kenya


Surrogacy is legal in Kenya under certain terms and everyone from a single parent, heterosexual to the same-sex couples. Talking about the cost factor, you don’t really have to spend huge amounts like $100000 or $200000 to realize your parenting dreams and you can pursue a surrogacy program as per your specific needs within a sum of $50000 approx. Although same-sex couples got to be a bit extra cautious as the country doesn’t accept same-sex couples with the same perspective, they can still keep on going with their surrogacy arrangement with the help of proper guidance.

The process to claim the parenthood of the child


As per the existing surrogacy laws in Kenya, the future child born out of a surrogacy arrangement in the country will be carrying the citizenship of the country of the Intended parents They will also be getting their name listed on the birth certificate of the future child as the legal parents and once the surrogate mother hands them the child, they can leave for their country with the child.

Benefits of surrogacy in Kenya


Kenya is becoming popular day by day amongst most of the International parents and the following benefits can be quoted as the big reason.

  • Anyone can look forward to a cheap and best surrogacy program in the country irrespective of their sexual orientation
  • The quality of the medical services in the country along with the treatments comes as the added advantage for all those couples who are coming from other countries to accomplish their “Baby” dreams.
  • Most of the surrogate mothers in the country prefer to stay within their own families and accommodation and this is something which can help the International couples to save a lot of money during their surrogacy journey.
  • The famous tourist spots in the country also help in attracting lots of couples from across the globe who can manage their surrogacy program with some sightseeing.

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