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Sheikh Saj Rashid

Mr. Sheikh Saj Rashid is the chairman and creator of the well-known Rashid petrochemicals ltd in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Aside from his professional obligations, he has had a lifelong passion for horseback riding, and he represented his country at an international level during his adolescent years.

In a similar vein, during his early years in the sport, he represented his country at the Asian Games in 2016 and also competed in the World Horse Riding Championship. Following that, he moved into the corporate world in order to gain fame and fortune.


Sheikh Saj Rashid

Sheikh Saj Rashid background:


Sheikh Saj Rashid was born to a renowned family in Dubai on April 26, 1978.  Sheikh Saj Rashid longed to be something special in the corporate world as he grew up, in addition to his love of athletics. Following some early academic success, he chose to take up horseback riding as a hobby.

By 1999, he realized that he needed to bring in some foreign expertise and experience in order to obtain all of the required business skills and experience.
In a similar vein, he moved his family from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom, where he found a plethora of chances and contacts to help him expand his business and skills in the petroleum industry. He founded his own company, Rashid petrochemicals ltd, after moving to the United Kingdom in 2008. Sheikh Saj Rashid was named Chairman and Managing Director of the company, and he rapidly completed a deal that involved a merger with one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies.

By 2015, Mr. Sheikh Saj Rashid had established a significant name and reputation in the petrochemicals industry, as well as a number of significant awards and distinctions. Despite becoming a British citizen in 2019, Sheikh Saj Rashid continues to visit Dubai on a regular basis for business.
He returned to Dubai in 2020 to expand his financial and development business.

Sheikh Saj Rashid

Professional career highlights

Mr. Sheikh Saj Rashid has recently established himself as one of Dubai’s most powerful businessmen, and as CEO of Rashid Petrochemicals Ltd, he has pushed the company to new heights via his dedication and hard work.

He has also taken over the majority of the development activities on his own, based on his own commercial acumen and understanding. He and his pals have gotten involved in a variety of humanitarian activities across the country, and it isn’t just about business for them.


Sheikh Saj Rashid

Education and hobbies

Sheikh Saj Rashid earned a finance MBA from the University of Greece. While his initial passion for horseback riding frequently conflicted with his business objectives, he eventually managed to strike a balance between the two.

He currently enjoys playing and watching other sports including cricket and football, and hopes to one day own a football team. He also enjoys visiting new areas and plans to grow his company into other parts of the world.


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