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Gay Surrogacy

To everyone who has the passion to pursue a family

Surrogacy has come a long way ever since it came into the picture a decade back. With the changing nature and dimensions of the social structure, same-sex marriage and parenting has evolved in the communities’ even after going through the entire backlash on the social and political front. While the norms have been eased in most of the countries about same-sex marriage and parenting, surrogacy for same-sex parents has also made its space in the whole picture. Most of the countries have legalized same-sex parenting and with this, a big requirement of surrogate mothers have arisen. This is where sureIVF has come up to offer best surrogacy services to all the same sex parents across the globe with their best and vast network of IVF centers and surrogacy agencies.

At Sure IVF, we deeply understand the pain and anxiety all the same sex parents go through whilst seeking their dreams of achieving parenthood and thus brings in best of the medical support and support at their service. We firmly believe in the fact that even when same sex parenting or surrogacy for gay parents seems overwhelming, it can be brought forward with the right preparation, guidance and resources in the process.

Gay Surrogacy

    Surrogacy options for gay men and same sex couples

    Bringing a gestational surrogate and egg donor to the surrogacy arrangement comes as an ideal option for most of the gay men as one of the partners can have a biological connection with the child in the same arrangement. There are many states which prohibit the same-sex couples from adopting, but surrogacy ultimately ensures that you will be recognized as the legal parents of the child whilst being biologically connected to him. Here at SureIVF, we offer a vast referral list of experienced attorneys which carries years of expertise in undertaking most of the legal issues regarding same sex parenting. Hence, you will be getting all the right support and guidance all through your surrogacy journey.

    Donor eggs with Surrogate for Gay couples and same-sex parents

    During the surrogacy arrangement, the birth certificate of the born child will get issued under the name of the intended father with a brief mention of the Surrogate mother alongside. This would again be depending on the respective state laws regarding same sex parenting but we will ensure that your will get through your surrogacy journey with utmost ease and without any legal hassle. We also offer Egg donation and Surrogacy services for all the Gay couples and same-sex parents and they can pick the best surrogacy arrangement according to their requirements.

    Sperm donors (with or without Surrogate) for same sex couples (women)

    When it comes for same sex couples (women), we provide donor sperms along with Surrogate mother (when and wherever required) for the Lesbian Couples. Moroever, to get through the same process smoothly, we have partnered with some of the best and most recognized sperm banks and sperm donors from both local and Caucasian backgrounds.
    In this type of arrangement, the issuance of the birth certificate would be on the surrogate mothers and the Intended mother would then need to furnish all the requirements and go through the existing Thai Adoption procedures.