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Once a couple decides to go with the surrogacy option, they have to decide upon the selection of the surrogate mother firstly. Now this can be done in two ways: either the couple tries to find the surrogate within their own connections, or they get in touch with a surrogacy agency for the same task. Even though the couples will be saving a lot of money whilst looking for the surrogate themselves, there are lots of other aspects which needs ot be taken care for like the legal implications and other treatments costs.

This is where most of the couples which are looking for a surrogate mother search out for the best surrogacy agency around and this is where sureIVF has made its name as the most sought after IVF center and surrogacy agency around. The couples really need not worry about the searching and matching of the surrogate along with the screening as here at sureIVF, we got the best team of IVF experts around.

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    Here at sureIVF, a surrogate is treated more than just an incubator who carries the fetus and she is the main carrier of all the hopes and beliefs of the intended parents eventually. She will be the one who will be the guardian of the baby for a period of the 9 months. Once we brought on a surrogate mother in our records, we let her go through a series of psychological evaluations, which then gets followed by a list of treatments which will go till a period of one year.

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    The Contract agreement


    On the other side, the surrogate contract will be a mutual agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

    While the contract comes as the matter of trust that the surrogate mother will be taking care of the baby for the next one year, it also confirms that the intended parents will be taking care of all the needs and requirements of the surrogate mother in return. This further means that both the parties will be treating the agreement ethically, respectfully, and as per the decided terms.

    This whole surrogacy arrangement comes as a two-way agreement where the surrogate mother agrees to take care for herself and the child on one side and the Intended Parents then agree to take care of all the requisites by the surrogate in return.

    Surrogate screening and matching


    In most of the overseas countries, surrogate mothers are pre-evaluated and come readily available for the surrogacy arrangement. Moreover, the overall process of screening and selecting a surrogate generally requires six to the eight-week time period as a whole.

    It’s only after the surrogate mother has passed through all the screening and diagnosis, she will then “matched” to an Intended Parent. Later on, it will be a period of around 2 months when she will be deemed ready for her embryo transfer process. While all this process is underway, the intended parents get through with the donation process and the IVF cycle.

    The matching process in the initial stages simply requires a list of blood tests and ultrasound scans, as well as a big list of personal evaluations.

    The first stage includes the injection of certain fertility boosting hormone injections in order to thicken the surrogate’s endometrium in order to make it more feasible for the intended parents’ transplanted embryo. Moreover, the surrogate screening process conducted in western countries is quite rigorous as compare to the other countries. This could very well be associated with the big differences in pregnancy rates within these countries along with the IVF centers and clinics around.

    Here at sureIVF, we take the utmost care of all our surrogates whilst bringing the best care and support for them before and during their pregnancy journey. You can stay relaxed and come over to bring the most awaited happiness of your lives to your own backyard.