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Surrogacy in India: facts and where you can get it done

In India when Narendra Modi was making the campaign “Make in India”. At that time Narendra Modi had an idea about surrogacy in mind. In India, there are about 20 to 25 million estimated couples who are infertile. Most of them have taken advantage of in- vitro fertilization to complete their families. And for those foreigner couples who are infertile or the Non-resident Indians, ART therapy is not expensive. According to the Indian legal. Guidelines, Indian doctors have the right to implant 5 embryos in a surrogate mother, but in Australia, they have the right of implanting 2 embryos. But according to the current laws, a surrogate mother is happened to sign her right away to baby till the delivery. 

In 2015 foreign intended parents were banned to have surrogacy in India, and India took its first step to regulate the surrogacy law. After two years this law was passed with some conditions for surrogacy: 

  • Commercial surrogacy were declared illegal in India. 
  • Only altruistic surrogacy is allowed for needy infertile couples.
  • The couples need to be married for 5 years with the certificate of infertility.
  • Not every woman the couple chooses can be a surrogate mother instead it restricts the women after one surrogacy. Condition for the surrogate mother is that she should be a close relative of intended couples and she should be married and have a biological child.
  • It is banned for single parents, for those who are homosexual and couples who are in a loving relationship.

This manipulation in the surrogacy law reflects the positive impacts of surrogacy. But before you choose, a surrogacy center for you just keeps these things in mind. Although numerous agencies provide these services, still you need to choose your best. So here are the things, need to be considered before you finalize the right-center.

Check about the company profile, and about all the agencies that are in this business. Enquiring about the queries is good, the more you solve your queries, the more you will get to know about the process. It’s not about the silly questions; it’s about the work, ethics and legal issues that an agency is providing. This way you will be able to find out the work quality of the agency. Always figure out and compare the price of agencies because the best agency always offers affordable prices. It’s important to understand about the fertility process and its complications because a professional and experienced doctor can deal with these corporations carefully. Best infertility hospitals in India are those who look after the comprehensive management of the complications. Even in the best infertility centers, they use all the transparent approaches to find out the best possible solution by considering the couple in a loop. It’s Important to finalize the best infertility center, because the process is long, tedious and it needs you to be patient.

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