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Surrogacy: an option for working women these days

For both, surrogacy In India is a journey of trust with the deep reward. These days women became more concerned about their career, and fitness. Being pregnant can ruin their lifestyle, and body so they feel more comfortable to opt surrogacy. These working women want their own biological child but don’t want to carry them. Though without any medical reason they choose the surrogates, because they don’t want to get pregnant. By using the in- vitro, and hiring other women to give birth these days is becoming outsourced labor.

Surrogacy meaning is different with every person Who touches this concept. For those people who are purposive, it’s a chance to realize the real parenthood by completing their family. And for the surrogates, it’s a blessing to make another family happy selflessly.

No ethical concerns are associated with the surrogacy because most of the ladies don’t want to put pause over the carrier. And this science made the possibilities of family balancing, the election of the gender and selecting the embryos are abnormal. But here money speaks, if you are financially strong you can easily turn towards this, otherwise, this is not for you. If this option was affordable, most of the women would be concerning it. There is a charm of getting pregnant, love of carrying a baby for nine months, but most of the women don’t want to get pregnant. Most of these women are actresses models who are on the peak of their career and haven’t made their name in the industry. These career-oriented women make the point if they get pregnant their body will be ruined, and they lose their part of work and they don’t usually want to disfigure the body.

Definitely, pregnant women will disfigure her body, and it the proper care and exercise are not taken by her, after the pregnancy, it is going to be difficult to get back to the normal body. This is a truth about pregnancy,that the pelvic bones of the women open up, fat gets accumulated.  This is not a specific or ideal reason to choose surrogacy, but it is applicable for some people.

There is another strange fact about women in society. The mind perspective of the partner; who is going to have their child through other women, just to save the disfiguring of the body?

There is an interesting fact about the society, of 50 years old men weds with 25 years girl, no one criticizes the men, that at this later age, what’s the point of having a child, but on the other hand if a woman with 50 years old age comes to have a child, she will be questioned why you are thinking about the child, you are supposed to be a grandma. This is how society is prejudiced and judge women. Somehow but with the surrogacy, women can have a child in their later ages and enjoy parenthood.

This is a good and fair option for all those women who don’t want to get pregnant, if a man can make their choices why not women if she wants to bear this pain of pregnancy she can choose this alternate and continue her carrier and also can opt for IVF In India.

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