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Better sleep of pregnant mom, a better life to the unborn

Surrogacy Treatment The human body needs restful sleep whether you’re pregnant or not. During the sleep, body rejuvenates its functions, and it is necessary to clean the trash and junk files from the brain. All your neurological junk is wiped out during the sleep and you feel rested or fresh. An additional factor is growth hormone that is uplifted by the sleep and it keeps the body in good form. And this is how sleep plays an important part in pregnant women. According to the hormonal biology growth hormone is necessary for :


  • Growth of placenta
  • Growth of uterus
  • It helps to counterbalance the stress during pregnancy.
  • Ensure good fatal growth.

However, lack of sleep in pregnant moms can trigger the stress levels. Stressed mom cannot sleep well even feel tired, lethargic, and became less tolerant of small hassles. Perhaps this can lead to anxiety and disturbs the all build a circuit of mental functions.

Importance of Sleep for Pregnant Women :

Fundamental need – Sleep is the fundamental need of every human being. Sleeping disturbances cause disturbance to normal living patterns. The human brain needs rest and time to become energetic again, for that we need to take proper sleep, otherwise, we will face the difficulties for every small task in the day.

Development of fetus -Pregnant women carry another life in her womb, what she feeds, to her body will directly affect the development of the baby. Perhaps disturb the sleeping pattern of the mother can cause a developmental delay.

Biological functions – Sleep is important to maintain the normal biological functions of the body. Pregnant women are more prone to get sleep disorders. To ensure safe pregnancy normal sleep pattern is an important ad it should be established in the early phase of the pregnancy. The sleep of 8 hours is recommended to pregnant women, and sleep disturbance can reduce the chances of safe and normal delivery.

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Inhibit deleterious effects on baby – we cannot underestimate the good effects of sleep on unborn babies as well as bad effects during sleep disturbance. The biggest threat is progesterone, which is a necessary hormone for the continuation of pregnancy. Progesterone’s releasing increases during sleep; this is the reason why sleep is required for the first three months of pregnancy. This is why pregnant women feel excessive sleepiness and fatigue during the day.

Bye Bye to syndromes – the most common problem occurs during the pregnancy is restless leg syndrome with signs of numbness, burning, prickling, tingling, pain, etc. so the proper hours of sleep with the changing position is recommended to combat this problem. Mom can use pillows behind the leg. Period of pregnancy is very delicate for every mother. Even a healthy woman can develop diseases if she lacks the proper sleep schedule. Enough sleep for every pregnant mother is necessary to ensure her safety and the safety of unborn

Establishing good sleep patterns during pregnancy is highly effective, not only physically but also psychologically. A good sleep pattern plays an important role in the preparation for birth and protects the baby from the psychological stresses and strains of pregnancy.

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