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IVF or Adoption: how to choose?


The diagnosis of infertility sounds like an insurmountable roadblock. When you are more intended towards having a baby, then this diagnosis can disturb your inner peace. But still, you need to find out a way to get through this, with other options. With the more advanced and safe IVF or fertility, most of the couples narrowed down their possibilities, to these two options. Before you make any formal decision, learn as much about the family building processes. It’s important to commit 100% of the process. This guide will provide you with opportunities to understand about IVF or adoption.

Adoption vs. IVF 


It’s not that easy to decide between these two options. None is better, neither an obvious choice.

It is up to the family to decide which is best for them. Besides many differences, IVF or adoption have some similarities like both help the infertile parents to complete their family. And the significant investment of money and time is involved in processes. Here are some usual differences in IVF or Adoption.


Money investment – IVF is a quite complex process it involves several cycles, with the approx cost of $12000, without medications. But in adoption, it costs very less or nothing. Most couples prefer adoption over IVF.


Genetic relations


Perhaps if we talk about the genetic relationship in adoption it is well obvious one is going to adopt a child with other genetic makeup so here is no valid point for genetic relationship. But in the IVF parents are allowed to have their biological child. This doesn’t mean the adoptive children are less cared for or nourished, but most of the parents choose IVF because they are more concerned about their biological relationship.


Success chances – 


Well, this question only goes with the IVF, because in adoption there are more chances to have a child at the end. But in IVF women has to go through many processes that can be altered due to the physical health of the women. There are 40% success chances of IVF, and only with the women under 35 years old, more than 35 years of age the chances of getting pregnant declines. Parents have to undergo many processes by knowing that there are chances the pregnancy never get its success. This can deplete the financial status of the family of IVF cannot achieve its success at the end.


Physical impact –


IVF process is achieved with the medications and injections with the egg retrieval surgery and the transfer of an embryo. Similar to other medical procedure this process has risks and side effects that include episodes of headache and hot flashes. Some women wear all these side effects but others decide not to continue after the failed cycle attempts. This is how IVF impacts the physical health of women. But in adoption, nothing like this is involved so adoption is safer than IVF.

There are pros and cons to every process. So it’s an important one can understand every aspect of these two processes before finalizing the last decision.

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