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Planning out your family with the help of surrogacy

Planning out your family with the help of surrogacy is a quite daunting task and the intended parents need to go through a lot of dilemma and anxiety in order to get the right planning and know how about the same process before taking any decision about the same. Although the financial aspects are one of the biggest concerns, there are many other steps which you must be aware of before going ahead with your surrogacy journey.

1. First contact with the Surrogacy and IVF consultant

The first and foremost thing which you needs to do is consulting with one of the best IVF and surrogacy centers nearby your place in order to lay down the guidelines and steps of your surrogacy journey. Not only this would help you in the course of the whole surrogacy process, but the medical consultant will also assist in making you aware about all the key aspects in terms of the financial, legal, medical and general aspects about the whole surrogacy process.

2. Getting through with the required agreements

Once you have made up your mind in accordance with all the requisites of a surrogacy arrangement, the next step comes as the signing of the contract between you and the surrogacy agency. Although there are cases where the intended parents take care of all the aspects by them only, getting onboard with an agency is always recommended in the backdrop of risks and other factors involved whilst planning out Surrogacy process individually.

3. Screening and selection process

Once the agreement is signed between the intended parents and the surrogacy agency, its time now to match and careen the intended parents with the egg donors (if required) and the various surrogate mother profiles available with them. The surrogates will first get matched according to the needs and preferences of the intended parents and once finalized; they will now go through various health and psychological screening process.

4. Putting down the legal agreements

Once the selection process is through and the surrogate mother has been finalized by the intended parents, the legal agreement and the compensation plan for the surrogate mother then gets finalized. This would be done in the presence of a legal attorney from both the sides in order to safeguard the interest of their respective clients during the whole surrogacy process.

5. Birth of the child

The final aspect of this whole journey would be the birth of the child out of surrogacy and the Intended parents taking the baby home and this might include the intended parents filing for the custody of the child via a legal representative.

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